What is Life Coaching?

A lot of people ask “What is life coaching” well to put it simply, Life coaching helps people analyse their life choices from a fresh and in-depth perspective. Coaches help their clients to identify what is important to them and make the correct choices. However, this is different from a counsellor or therapist, who is a qualified individual who offers treatment.

The key distinction is therapy normally focuses on the person’s past- the “why”. On the other hand, coaching deals with the future and more readily the “how” How to get what you want.

Life coaching is more about asking the right questions than providing answers. There are no standard answers, every individual’s beliefs, values and desires are different. There is no single ‘right’ path to fulfilment and happiness.


  • A Life coach helps you focus on the future and motivates you to pursue your passion and dreams.
  • Life coaches help you progress on your life path and discover your own calling.
  • Life coaching empowers people to find their own answers and solutions to their problems.
  • Life coaches give non-directional feedback, often in the form of asking questions.
  • Life coaching focuses on outer action with measurable results.
  • Life coaching typically lasts for a shorter timeframe, usually six months or a year.
  • Life coaches do not diagnose.
  • Therapy emphasises healing the past from trauma or negative experiences and releasing pain.
  • Therapists help reinstate functionality and stability in your life.
  • Therapy offers professional advice, guidance and direction on how to cope with something.
  • Therapy focuses on identifying and gaining a deeper understanding of the conscious and subconscious reasons for their behaviours.
  • Therapy is often longer-term support for an indefinite amount of time.              
  • Therapists and other mental health professionals diagnose.

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